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About Therapy

You may be wondering what it is like to engage in therapy and whether or not it is for you. When working with people with anxiety, depression, stress and other emotional difficulties, my approach is to encourage you to talk about yourself, your life, childhood and significant relationships and to explore with you how your problems have arisen, what they mean in the context of day-to-day life, and to give you space and time to think about what your problems mean.

How does this help you? Sometimes it is hard to figure out what things are about on in thinking about them your own or through talking to friends and family, but discussing your problems with someone professionally trained to listen can and does enable you to view things in a different light, thereby gaining insight into yourself which in turn leads to the discovery of answers and an awareness that previously were hidden. We address issues as they arise, always in a kindly, brave and careful spirit. All this often takes time and we take a pace that suits you.

My clients have been helped with difficulties such as ......
• Stress - feelings of being overwhelmed and despairing
• Aging - the losses and regrets that come with advancing years
• Sexual identity - the confusion, shame and fears associated with feeling uncomfortable in your body
• Sexual abuse - working through feelings associated with betrayal and misuse of power
• Loneliness - following relationship breakdown or associated with an inability to fit in with social norms
• Compulsions - such as over-spending, pornography or over-eating
• Anxiety and depression - following rejection, ill-health or work-place problems

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Penny Cole Counselling is a professional private Counselling & Psychotherapy Service situated in Odiham, close to Hook, Basingstoke, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Fleet, Aldershot, Yateley & Farnborough.